Calcium responsive bioerodible drug delivery system Academic Article uri icon


  • Polymeric systems that respond to specific molecules are the basis for technological applications such as biosensors, drug delivery devices and actuators (1). In recent years, several research groups have been developing responsive/modulated drug delivery systems that more closely resemble the normal physiological process where the amount of drug released can be affected according to physiological needs. Modulated drug delivery devices can be broadly classified as externally modulated and self modulated. Externally modu-lated devices are devices that can alter their drug release in response to an externally generated signal such as an electronic input that alters the rate of delivery from a mechanical pump (2), an oscillating magnetic field (3, 4), ultrasound (5, 6), temperature (7— 10), or an electrical signal (11, 12). The self modulated systems utilize several …

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  • January 1, 1999