The Formation of The Planetary Sequence In A Self-gravitating Disk of Planetesimals Conference Paper uri icon


  • Planetary formation is thought to start with dust particle settling to the central plane of a rotating nebula to form a thin dust layer. During the early evolution of such a ro-tationally flattened disk orbiting the primordial sun it is believed that the dust particles coagulate into numerous kilometer-sized rocky planetesimals (1011-1012 such bod-ies). In this investigation we use the Boltzmann kinetic and Poisson equations to study the evolution of the self-gravitating disk of randomly colliding identical planetesimals. We examine the possibility of obtaining the law of planetary distances on the basis of the concept of gravitational Jeans-type instability in sufficiently flat systems, and idea which already led to promising results in the problem of the origin of spiral struc-ture of galaxies and the hyperfine 100 m or even less structure of Saturn's rings. It is shown that as a result of an …

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  • January 1, 2002