How Robust is the Wisdom of the Crowds? Conference Paper uri icon


  • Abstract We introduce the study of adversarial effects on wisdom of the crowd phenomena. In particular, we examine the ability of an adversary to influence a social network so that the majority of nodes are convinced by a falsehood, using its power to influence a certain fraction, µ< 0.5 of N experts. Can a bad restaurant make a majority of the overall network believe in the quality of that restaurant by misleading a certain share of food critics into believing its food is good, and use the influence of those experts to make a majority of the overall network to believe in the quality of that restaurant? We are interested in providing an agent, who does not necessarily know the graph structure nor who the experts are, to determine the true value of a binary property using a simple majority. We prove bounds on the social graph's maximal degree, which ensure that with a high probability the …

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  • June 24, 2015

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