The Zionist movement's march of folly and tom Segev's the seventh million ∗ Academic Article uri icon


  • Gulf War. On the face of it, the book is a bold attempt to look directly at the most sensitive, embarrassing, and painful points in Israeli history, breaking through intellectual, institutional, national, or movement-based orthodoxies to get to the heart of the most loaded and problematic question in the historiography of the Zionist Movement: whether the Yishuv, the Jewish community in Palestine, and its leaders abandoned the Jews in the Diaspora during the Holocaust. Segev does not hesitate to fire truths and findings in every direction: at statesmen and politicians, activists, party opérants, highranking civil-servants, even judges, legal advisors, scholars, intellectuals, and• colleagues—prominent journalists: none are excluded. The most comprehensive body of research on this question is dismissed by the judgment that it is" not objective" and its author is" too forgiving." 2 Segev fails to bring any …

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  • January 1, 1995