Grapevines hydraulic diversity-a critical consideration for irrigation management? Academic Article uri icon


  • Majority of the world vines are grown under water limitation, either for quality enhancement or for the lack of irrigation possibility. It was established that different cultivars of grapes use varied strategies to deal with drought stress. However, this variability is rarely linked with agricultural management and irrigation strategies. In the presented research we characterized the hydraulic differences between'Cabernet Sauvignon'(CS) and'Shiraz', and explored the origin and outcomes of hydraulic differences, from plant physiology to berry quality. The cultivars were studied in the field and in the green-house. Under both growth conditions deficit irrigation treatments were given to both cultivars. Gas exchange, fluorometry, xylem architecture and metabolic analysis methods (GC-MS, LC-MS) were used to investigate plant response to water stress. Xylem architecture and stomata regulation …

publication date

  • June 8, 2015