A possible neuronal account for the behavioural heterogeneity in congenital prosopagnosia Academic Article uri icon


  • The extensive review paper by Geskin and Behrmann (Geskin & Behrmann, 2017) provides a survey of the behavioral literature of congenital prosopagnosia accumulated over the past years. The main goal of this survey is to address a longstanding debate in the cognitive neuroscience literature pertaining to the extent to which face and object processing share the same cognitive and neural mechanisms. Congenital prosopagnosia provides a unique testbed in which this issue can be addressed, given the well-documented core deficit in face processing and the absence of an apparent lesion, in contrast to cases of acquired prosopagnosia (Grill-Spector, Weiner, Kay, & Gomez, 2017). The main outcome of this review is that roughly two-thirds of the documented individuals diagnosed with CP also appear to have an impairment in object processing. This is somewhat surprising, given …

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  • January 1, 2018