Resistance systems related to the N gene and their comparison with interferon Academic Article uri icon


  • A probe made from a recombinant human β-interferon DNA detected specific bands in Southern blots of restriction enzyme-cleaved tobacco DNA. Specific tobacco DNA fragments also hybridized with a similar probe made from a clone of human 2′, 5′-linked oligoadenylate (2–5A) synthetase. The expression of these plant genes was analysed by Northern blots using cDNA probes. Expression depended on the presence of the N gene in the tobacco cultivar. In both cases tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) infection stimulates expression. The plant β-interferon was studied further. The basal level of the relevant mRNA rapidly increases after TMV infection in N gene-carrying tobacco, and accumulation peaks 24 h after infection, whereas tobacco plants carrying the n allele are stimulated to synthesize this mRNA only about 80 h after inoculation. The plant enzyme which polymerizes ATP to …

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  • January 1, 2007