Deep rTMS for ADHD Academic Article uri icon


  • Methods The presented evidence does not support the utility of bilateral prefrontal stimulation to treat adult ADHD. Due to the small sample size, caution must be exercised in interpreting our preliminary findings. In general, there were no between-group differences in any of the measures. According to CAARS, the primary outcome measure was an improvement over time in both the actual therapy group and the sham therapy group, with no difference between the groups, as shown with (Figure 2): treatment, F (1, 20)= 0.148, P= 0.704, ɳ 2 partial= 0.01; time, F (1, 20)= 8.688, P< 0.01, ɳ 2 partial= 0.3; treatment x time, F (1, 20)= 0.022, P= 0.883, ɳ 2 partial= 0.001).

publication date

  • January 1, 2017