‘In the Name of Security: In the Name of Peace’-Environmental Schizophrenia and the Security Discourse in Israel-Palestine Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper focuses on a major component of the security discourse in Israel which has largely been ignored by both politicians and academics, namely the threat to the environment and what could loosely be termed as the issues of “soft” security as contrasted with the “hard” security issues relating to military and defense agendas. The reconceptualization of the security debate in recent years to include many issues over and beyond the traditional discourse of military security has not impacted Israel/Palestine in a major way. While the traditional military, territorial and demographic dimensions of the security discourse have continued to play centre stage in the political agenda of the country, the latter–along with a host of other civil society issues-has largely been ignored as constituting a sort of “luxury” issue, subsumed by the ongoing concern with the perceived …

publication date

  • September 9, 2004