P308: Deep rTMS-induced clinical and neurophysiological effect in Parkinson’s disease Academic Article uri icon


  • Methods: We found 58 patients with good-quality recordings from the STN obtained at rest during a minimum continuous period of 300 seconds, off or on-medication. Relative peak power and peak area in the theta (4-10 Hz), low beta (10-20 Hz), high beta (20-30 Hz) and gamma bands (60-80 Hz) were measured in the power spectrum. Clinical (UPDRS-III scale) and demographical (gender, age at surgery, age at onset) variables were correlated with the different oscillatory activities. Results: There were no gender-related differences in beta activity. The frequency of the low-beta peak typical of the off state correlated inversely with age at surgery. Low beta peak relative power and area off-medication correlated with the UPDRS rigidity subscore, while high beta peak and area correlated positively with UPDRS axial symptoms and inversely with the tremor subscales. Both low and high beta areas off …

publication date

  • January 1, 2014