Temperature and irradiance effect on the photovoltaic parameters of a fullerene/conjugated-polymer solar cell Conference Paper uri icon


  • Bulk donor-acceptor heterojunctions between conjugated polymers and fullerene derivatives have been utilized successfully for photovoltaic devices showing monochromatic efficiencies above 1%. The present paper reports the temperature and irradiance dependencies of full-spectrum photovoltaic parameters for such devices. The measurements were performed under real sun conditions and under a solar simulator. The sun provided a light source stable in intensity to within+/-1% and closely approximating a true AM1. 5 spectrum, whereas the simulator enabled the light intensity to be varied in the range 80-600 W m-2. The most interesting feature that was observed for these devices is that above a cell temperature of 20 degree (s) C the positive temperature coefficient observed for the short- circuit current exceeds in magnitude the negative temperature coefficient that was found …

publication date

  • February 5, 2001