A unitarized QCD model for deep inelastic ep scattering Academic Article uri icon


  • Recent experimental results emanating from HERA support the supposition that we are encountering phenomena associated with high-density partons. Evidence for this is:(a) the large value of the gluon structure function;(b) the asymptotic predictions of high-density quantum chromodynamics seem to be realized. We propose a model based on the Glauber- Mueller eikonal formalism, which incorporates screening corrections. Numerical estimates calculated using this model are consistent with the experimental data, and in addition provide a natural explanation for the size of the deviation from the standard DGLAP result. To obtain a complete picture we review some of our previous results pertaining to the logarithmic slope of F 2, and the inclusive production of J/Ψ. Alternative approaches which deal with saturation phenomena are discussed, and new experiments are suggested.

publication date

  • January 1, 2001