Diameter-selective dispersion of carbon nanotubes by β-lactoglobulin whey protein Academic Article uri icon


  • The β-lactoglobulin (β-LG) protein was discovered to be an efficient and selective dispersant for carbon nanotubes (CTNs) with certain diameters. A dispersion process of CTNs by the β- LG was studied, focusing on the relationships between the surface curvature of the CNT and the β-LG's efficiency in dispersing them, using cryogenic-transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) and optical spectroscopy. Plausible binding sites of the β-LG, responsible for the interaction of the protein with CNTs of various diameters (surface curvatures) were also investigated and were found to be in good agreement with corresponding docking calculations.

publication date

  • January 1, 2013