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  • Szleifer, Wilson, and Loring (SWL) I have recently suggested a dynamic disorder model for polymer dynamics in melts, based on a non-Markovian analog of earlier work of Loring and co-workers. 2 They suggest a solution to their non-Markovian master equation based on a non-Markovian generalization of the dynamical effective medium approximation (DEMA) of Harrison and Zwanzig (HZ). 3 In this comment we argue that the result offered by SWL is not a proper solution of the non-Markovian generalization of the HZ model. For clarity we disregard the polymer context and state the model using the HZ notation. We consider a particle hopping on a lattice characterized by dynamical bond disorder. The walker dynamics is described by the set of stochastic master equations for the probability Pi (f) to be at site i at time td

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  • January 1, 1992