Numerical simulations of sedimentation from dense slurries and implications for size segregation Academic Article uri icon


  • Sedimentary deposits often show alternating layering of different mineralogies and grain sizes. Using Stokes settling velocities, the size and density can indicate the sense and extent of segregation of different grain types during sedimentation. However, in some important sedimentary settings, such as turbidite flows, grains are in a concentrated slurry, where granular collisions and fluid pressure gradients will have a significant effect on the patterns of sedimentation. We use a grain-scale model to explore the effect of these forces on size-segregation. We constructed a 2D numerical model that simulates the settling of a dense suspension of cohesionless grains in water. This fully-coupled grain-fluid model is based on Goren et al.(PAGEOPH, 2011). Circular grains are dynamically advected by collisional, buoyancy and fluid drag forces, following the Discrete Element Method. The …

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  • December 1, 2011