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  • Page 1. IMAGING 65 IMAJ • VOL 18 • JANUARY 2016 raphism or urticaria factitia, is a skin phenomenon that occurs in 4–5% of the general population [1] in various degrees of severity and is one of the common forms of urticaria. In dermographic urticaria, which de- rives from a mechanical stimulation of the skin, the irritated skin is raised and appears inflamed. In its most simple form dermog- raphism appears about 6 minutes after mechanical stimulation and undergoes spontaneous disappearance with 15–30 minutes [2]. The mechanism for the appearance of dermographism is not fully understood. What is known is that there is activa- tion of cutaneous mast cells that secrete vasoactive mediators with an increased concentration of serum histamine. The response appears to be mediated by immunoglobulin E [3]. Simple dermog- raphism, without itching, does not require …

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  • January 1, 2016