• Single-incision technique for right hemicolectomy Idit Melnik MD1, Oleg Dukhno MD1, Ornit Cohen MSc2 ,Dimitry Goldstein MD1,Boris Yoffe MD FACS1 1Department of General and Vascular Surgery, 2Department of Clinical Research, Barzilai university Medical Center, Ashkelon, Israel. Abstract Purpose: single incision laparoscopic technique is an emerging modality. The purpose of our study was to compare the intra-operative and short term post-operative outcomes of single incision versus multi-incision laparoscopy for right hemicolectomy. Methods: we retrospectively reviewed the charts of all patients who underwent right hemicolectomy from October 2010 till December 2012. Results: thirty six patients underwent laparoscopic right hemicolectomy, from which, twenty five were with the traditional multi-incision technique and eleven were with a single incision. From the parameters that were evaluated, we found that in the single incision technique there was a statistical trend [p=0.08] of better oncological results with a higher mean lymph node extraction. In addition, there was a statistical significant [p=0.05] advantage of decreased length of hospitalization. Conclusion: the single incision technique is feasible and safe for right hemicolectomy.Given our finding, we believe that it can be an effective alternative to the traditional multi port technique. Keywords: right hemi-colectomy, laparoscopy, single incision laparoscopic technique, colon malignancy

publication date

  • January 1, 2016