Enhanced intrinsic fluorescence from carboxidized nano-sculptured thin films of silver and their application for label free dual detection of glycated hemoglobin Academic Article uri icon


  • Enhanced intrinsic fluorescence (∼x10³) from novel carboxidized nanosculptured thin films (CO-nSTFs) of silver is reported. The sources of intrinsic fluorescence, confirmed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, are Ag2O grains and residual carbon formed on the outer layer of silver nSTFs when exposed to air, while the localized surface plasmons on silver nSTFs enhance this intrinsic fluorescence. The CO-nSTFs are optimized with respect to porosity for the maximum enhancement. A sensor developed by using the self-assembled monolayer technique on optimized CO-nSTF is used for the label free detection of glycated hemoglobin, performed by simultaneously using fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy. The specificity of the sensor is established from control experiments on hemoglobin. These novel nanorod like intrinsically fluorescent CO-nSTFs pose huge potential in label free biosensing, light sources, imaging and many more applications.

publication date

  • January 1, 2017