Mean-field theory of differential rotation in density stratified turbulent convection Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract: A mean-field theory of differential rotation in a density stratified turbulent convection has been developed. This theory is based on a combined effect of the turbulent heat flux and anisotropy of turbulent convection increasing with the rate of rotation on the Reynolds stress. A coupled system of dynamical budget equations consisting in the equations for the Reynolds stress, the entropy fluctuations and the turbulent heat flux has been solved. To close the system of these equations, the spectral tau approach which is valid for large Reynolds and Peclet numbers, has been applied. The applied model of the background turbulent convection takes into account an increase of the turbulence anisotropy and a decrease of the turbulent correlation time with the rotation rate. This theory yields the profiles of the differential rotation versus radius which are in agreement with those for the solar …

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  • January 26, 2018