‘Treatment of bipolar disorder: a systematic review of available data and clinical perspectives’ by Fountoulakis & Vieta (2008) Academic Article uri icon


  • Fountoulakis and Vieta's comprehensive literature search on bipolar disorder (Fountoulakis & Vieta, 2008) seems to have missed the three controlled trials of phenytoin by our group (Bersudsky, 2006; Mishory et al. 2000, 2003; Nemets et al. 2005) even though other somewhat experimental treatments such as tamoxifen were covered. While phenytoin is not in the clinical armamentarium of most psychiatrists today, it is still the leading anticonvulsant prescribed worldwide. It is very familiar to numerous neurologists and family physicians throughout the world. While phenytoin is associated by some with gingival and cognitive side-effects in chronically hospitalized, resistant epileptics, recent reviews suggest that with proper oral hygiene phenytoin has no more cognitive side-effects …

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  • January 1, 2009