Immunological cross-reaction between bud and bark proteins of dormant deciduous trees Academic Article uri icon


  • Dormancy-related inflorescence bud protein IBP32 of Pistacia vera (pistachio) was detected in the bark of pistachio showing immunological cross-reaction with bud and bark proteins of several phylogenetically unrelated species. In the bark of P. atlantica, a 32-kDa protein was detected. Other positive immunological reactions were obtained with a protein of approximately 62 kDa derived from the bark of peach and with a 34-kDa protein from bud and bark of poplar (Populus euphratica). The latter protein was also detected by antibodies against the bark storage protein (BSP) of Pop. canadensis. Pistachio IBPs did not cross- react with these antibodies. A protein from grape bud of approximately 6 kDa reacted weakly with pistachio IBP antibodies. A weak positive reaction was obtained with a 46-kDa protein of saltbush. There was no cross-reaction between pistachio IBPs and either bud proteins …

publication date

  • March 26, 1998