Guest-host interactions in sodium zeolite Y: Structural and dynamical23Na double-rotation NMR study of H2O, PMe3, Mo(CO)6, and Mo(CO)4(PMe3)2 adsorption in Na56Y Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract 23Na double-rotation NMR (DOR) provides sitespecific structural and dynamical information on guest-host interactions within sodium zeolite Y pores. Quantitative adsorption of H20, PMe,, and Mo (CO)~ guests affects both the positions and line shapes of the 23Na resonances from specific extraframework Na+ sites. The evolution of the 23Na DOR spectra with the progressive introduction of guest molecules allows one to probe direct'solvation" effects involving the Nat cations in the larger supercages, as well as indirect effects on the Na+ cations in adjacent smaller sodalite cavities. 23Na DOR experiments conducted at two magnetic field strengths confirm that PMe, coadsorption in 8 (Mo (CO),), 16 (PMe3)-Na5, Y, and PMe, ligand-substitution in 8 (ci~-Mo (C0)~(PMe,)~]-Na~~ Y give rise to progressive deshielding and enhanced quadrupolar interactions of the anchoring Nat cations in the a …

publication date

  • January 1, 1993