Catchment scale soil erosion modeling using GIS and soft computing techniques Academic Article uri icon


  • Soil erosion by water is considered as one of the major threats for sustainable land management. Effective land management to prevent soil loss requires prediction for large areas. However, although erosion models (eg, the USLE and its successors) do exist, attempts to apply them over large regions have been unsuccessful in many cases due to insufficient factor calibration, low input resolution and vast temporal and spatial uncertainty in the erosion processes. We suggest a new erosion model, based on the fuzzy logic approach. The potential of fuzzy logic in environmental modeling has long been recognized, and its ability to use objects with indeterminate boundaries can be most useful to erosion modeling. The model predicts soil erosion potential over wide regions with spatial cell resolution of 30 m. It is temporally and spatially explicit, based on detailed meteorological …

publication date

  • January 1, 2005