The Hadassah-Kupat Holim Controversy over the" Poor Certificate" in Early 20th Century Eretz-Israel/סכסוך" הדסה"-קופת חולים בשאלת" תעודת העניות" באמצע שנות ה-20 … Academic Article uri icon


  • The Israeli health care services were designed and formed many years before the State of Israel was born, first under Turkish rule and later under the British Mandate. A special effort to structure the work arrangements of the health services was made by the Hadassa Medical Organization under the management of Dr. Ephraim M. Bluestone, who was active in Palestine (Israel) in the years 1926—1928. The actions of Dr. Bluestone in those years, especially his initiative to establish a" Medicaid" type service based on a" Poor Certificate" for poor workers, caused severe disputes among the Jewish workers in Palestine. The workers refused to accept the principle of the Poor Certificate issued by Dr. Bluestone, claiming that public health services should be provided to all workers equally as a social right and not as charity. The dispute became public through the press and resulted in …

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  • July 1, 1995