Automaticity of numeral processing among kindergartners. An event-related-potentials study Academic Article uri icon


  • Number processing is a developmental ability seen early on in life. Automaticity of number processing is attributed to higher levels of numeric knowledge. We investigated whether kindergarten children exhibit automatic processing of numerals by the distance effect and the size congruity effect in the numerical Stroop task. Specifically, participants were asked to decide which digit was larger numerically or physically (eg, 2 3). Simultaneously, brain activity was measured using the ERP technique.Behavioral results showed significant distance and size congruity effects. In the size congruity effect, an atypical reverse facilitation was significant when numerical value was irrelevant (neutral trials had the fastest reaction times). As for the ERP results, the distance effect was significant in right parietal areas in a time window of 170-230 ms (N200). The size congruity effect was significant in frontal …

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  • January 1, 2010