Einstein-Rosen 'Bridge' Needs Lightlike Brane Source Academic Article uri icon


  • The Einstein–Rosen “bridge” wormhole solution proposed in the classic paper (Einstein and Rosen (1935) [1] ) does not satisfy the vacuum Einstein equations at the wormhole throat. We show that the fully consistent formulation of the original Einstein–Rosen “bridge” requires solving Einstein equations of bulk D = 4 gravity coupled to a lightlike brane with a well-defined world-volume action. The non-vanishing contribution of Einstein–Rosen “bridge” solution to the right-hand side of Einstein equations at the throat matches precisely the surface stress–energy tensor of the lightlike brane which automatically occupies the throat (“horizon straddling”) — a feature triggered by the world-volume lightlike brane dynamics.

publication date

  • January 1, 2009