Asymptotically Optimal Scheduling Algorithm for Compute-and-Forward Academic Article uri icon


  • Consider a Compute and Forward (CF) relay network with $L$ users and a single relay. The relay tries to decode a function of the transmitted signals. For such network, letting all $L$ users transmit simultaneously, especially when $L$ is large causes a degradation on the information the relay is able to decode which in fact goes to zero very fast with $L$. Therefore, a restriction on the number of simultaneously transmitting users must be made and in each transmission phase only a fixed number of users may transmit, i.e., \emph{user scheduling.} Accordingly, in this work we provide an asymptotically optimal polynomial scheduling algorithm for CF. We show that scheduling under CF not only guarantee non-zero rate but provide gain to the system sum-rate and in fact this rate grows as $O(\log{\log{L}})$. We present analysis for the suggested algorithm and show that the optimal schedule relies on a semi-deterministic function of the scheduled signals. The performances of the suggested algorithm are compared with a universal upper bound on the performances of CF and evaluated using simulations.

publication date

  • January 1, 2018