Modelling unusually fast non-radiative energy transfer in crystals Academic Article uri icon


  • Garnets based on rare-earth ions such as Tm +3 or Ho +3, codoped by Cr + 3, are of great interest for use as solid-state laser materials [ 1 ]. In particular, ytt- rium aluminum garnet (YAG), well known as the host of the neodymium YAG laser, has been doped with all three ions for use in a sophisticated scheme to achieve 2 ~tm lasing from the holmium ion [2 ]. The Cr +3 is flashlamp pumped in its broad absorp- tion bands (the 4T 2 and 4T1 states), the chromium ion transfers energy to the 3H4 thulium state, the ex- cited thulium ion cross relaxes with a ground-state neighboring ion to produce two thulium ions in the 3F 4 state, and, finally, after energy hopping between thulium states the thulium transfers energy to the holmium 517 state which lases. A recent paper [ 3 ] has reported that the laser crys- tal Cr, Tm, Ho: YAG exhibits the formation of sev- eral different … 0925-3467/94/$07.00 © 1994 Elsevier Science BV All rights reserved SSDI 0925 …

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  • January 1, 1994