Altered Autophagy in Human Adipose Tissues in Obesity Academic Article uri icon


  • Context Autophagy is a housekeeping mechanism, involved in metabolic regulation and stress response, shown recently to regulate lipid droplets biogenesis/breakdown and adipose tissue phenotype. Objective We hypothesized that in human obesity autophagy may be altered in adipose tissue in a fat depot and distribution-dependent manner. Setting and Patients Paired omental (Om) and sc adipose tissue samples were used from obese and nonobese (n= 65, cohort 1); lean, sc-obese and intraabdominally obese (n= 196, cohort 2); severely obese persons without diabetes or obesity-associated morbidity, matched for being insulin sensitive or resistant (n= 60, cohort 3). Results Protein and mRNA levels of the autophagy genes Atg5, LC3A, and LC3B were increased in Om compared with sc, more pronounced among obese persons, particularly if with intraabdominal fat accumulation …

publication date

  • December 1, 2010