Small sample scene categorization from perceptual relations Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper addresses the problem of scene categorization while arguing that better and more accurate results can be obtained by endowing the computational process with perceptual relations between scene categories. We first describe a psychophysical paradigm that probes human scene categorization, extracts perceptual relations between scene categories, and suggests that these perceptual relations do not always conform the semantic structure between categories. We then incorporate the obtained perceptual findings into a computational classification scheme, which takes inter-class relationships into account to obtain better scene categorization regardless of the particular descriptors with which scenes are represented. We present such improved classification results using several popular descriptors, we discuss why the contribution of inter-class perceptual relations is particularly pronounced for under-sampled training sets, and we argue that this mechanism may explain the ability of the human visual system to perform well under similar conditions. Finally, we introduce an online experimental system for obtaining perceptual relations for large collections of scene categories.

publication date

  • January 1, 2012