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  • Kinetics and mechanism of chromium(III)-picolinato and chromium(III)-dipicolinato complexes aquation in HNO3 solutions Małgorzata Szabłowicz and Ewa Kita Square-planar nickel(II) O,O′-dialkyldithiophosphato complexes with triphenylphosphine of the type [NiX(S2P{OR}2) (PPh3)] (X = Cl, Br, I and NCS) Zdene`k Tra´vnıcˇek, Viktor Machala, Lucie Szu¨cˇova´, Michal Malonˇ and Jaromır Marek Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetism of a 1-D polymeric manganese(II) complex with 2-hydroxyl-2-hydroxylate-malonate as bridging ligand …


publication date

  • January 1, 2004