The field symmetry breaking effects in microwave-vortex structures originated by ferrite disks in a cavity Academic Article uri icon


  • For a microwave resonator with an enclosed ferrite disk, one has the electromagnetic resonant fields which are not the fields of standing waves. This leads to very specific topological-phase characteristics. In such a nonintegrable system with time-reversal symmetry breaking, one obtains the Poynting-vector microwave vortices and intensive field localization in a region of a disk. The purpose of this paper is to give detailed explanations of physics of the electromagnetic-vortex phenomena shown in our recently published paper [E. O. Kamenetskii et al., Phys. Rev. E 74, 0366620 (2006)]. Based on numerical simulation, we show that for a thin ferrite disk with positive permeability parameters and negligibly small material losses, the Poynting-vector microwave vortices in a cavity are accompanied with topological magnetic currents and topological magnetic charges. Such topological sources create very unique field structures with evident symmetry breaking properties. The observed vortex phenomena open an excit...

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  • January 1, 2008