Alcohol Consumption among Female University Students in Israel: a Cross Sectional Study of Background Characteristics and Drinking Patterns Academic Article uri icon


  • This cross sectional study examined alcohol use, binge drinking and other problem behavior among Israeli university female students. Scant information is known about Israeli university student alcohol use and related problem behavior. Academic study discipline status (e.g., social work, nursing and other non-helping disciplines) was hypothesized to be a predictor of university student alcohol use and problem behavior rates. Study hypotheses were supported, in part. Academic discipline (social work and nursing) differentiated rates of alcohol use, binge drinking and other problem behavior. However, when grouped into helping and non-helping academic disciples, few differences were evidenced. Students drink more beer, wine and hard alcohol than those 20 years ago at the same university; however, fewer students drive after drinking. Present results, albeit restricted, reflect increased drinking but less driving after drinking after an intensive campaign to curb such problem behavior. Further research is needed of alcohol use and problem behavior for policy, prevention and treatment purposes. Such research should include regular monitoring throughout the country regardless of gender status and academic discipline.

publication date

  • January 1, 2017