Display Type Effects in Military Operational Tasks Using UAV Video Images: Comparison between Two Types of UAV Feeds Mini and MALE (Medium-Altitude-Long-Endurance) UAVs Academic Article uri icon


  • The increased usage of new technologies in combat requires measuring tools and guidelines that will enable maximal compatibility between technology and users' needs. Specifically, using video feeds retrieved by dismounted soldiers from different types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) may affect the efficiency level of using such machines. This work follows our previous studies on the type (eg size) of displays required by dismounted soldiers to process video feed from UAVs. Twenty two former infantry soldiers with no experience using UAV video feed participated. Three displays were examined using two video feed types (MALE and Mini UAVs) in four different task types (description, direction, orientation, and response). Performance and subjective data were collected. Results show no effect (only some trends) for display type, but significant effect for the …

publication date

  • September 1, 2010