The neurovascular unit: new targets in the prevention and treatment of neurological disorders Academic Article uri icon


  • 正 Common brain insults such as trauma, ischemia, infectiouns and neurodegenera-tive diseases are associated with vascular pertubations and opening of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). To explore the role of BBB lesion in pathogenesis of brain insults we induced a prolonged, focal BBB disruption in the rat neocortex using bile salts. We show that penetration of serum albumin into the brain's extracellular space is associated with uptake of albumin into astrocytes. This triggers a tran-sciptional change and consequent alteration in the structure and function of astrocytes. Transcriptional changes include the down-regulation of the inward rectifying potassium channels and glutamine synthase, leading to the accummulation of potassium and glutamate in the extracellualr space. The resulted activity- dependent enhanced neuronal excitability lead to non-specific synaptic plasticity followed …

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  • January 1, 2006