EPR, Bell, Schrodinger's cat, and the Monty Hall Paradox Academic Article uri icon


  • This manuscript constitutes a short self-contained version of some selected sections taken from “lecture notes in Quantum Mechanics” [quant-ph/0605180](∼250p). In particular section 47.4 regarding the notion of collapse has attracted some attention. In this section I suggest to use the “Monty Hall Paradox” as a pedagogical introduction to the discussion of “quantum collapse”. From my experience it is the most effective way to convince students and other non-experts that “quantum collapse” is not a metaphysical event … We would like to examine whether the world we live in is “classical” or not. The notion of classical world includes mainly two ingredients: (i) realism (ii) determinism. By realism we means that any quantity that can be measured is well defined even if we do not measure it in practice. By determinism we mean that the result of a measurement is determined in a definite way by the state of the system and …

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  • January 1, 2007