Sweet spot size of virtual acoustic imaging systems at asymmetric listener locations Academic Article uri icon


  • Virtual acoustic imaging systems are effective when the listener’s head location is close to the head location assumed when the system was designed. The “sweet spot” refers to the spatial bubble of head location in which the system is still effective. Some of the previous work investigating the “stereo dipole” acoustic imaging system shows that for the traditional on-axis listener location the “sweet spot” is about ±5 cm for lateral head translations. Larger head movements than this require an update of the virtual acoustic imaging filters. The interest here is the “sweet spot” size at off-axis asymmetric listener locations or an understanding of how often one needs to update the filters to ensure the listener perceives a stable virtual image as they move. The examination of the off-axis “sweet spot” size comprises a theoretical acoustic analysis, computer simulations, and a subjective study. The simulations and subjective evaluation both demonstrate that the width of tolerable lateral head translations i...

publication date

  • January 1, 2002