Hybridization wave as the "hidden order" in URu 2Si2 Academic Article uri icon


  • A phenomenological model for the ``hidden order'' transition in the heavy-Fermion material ${\mathrm{URu}}_{2}{\mathrm{Si}}_{2}$ is introduced. The hidden order is identified as an incommensurate, momentum-carrying hybridization between the light hole band and the heavy electron band. This modulated hybridization appears after a Fano hybridization at higher temperatures takes place. We focus on the hybridization wave as the order parameter in ${\mathrm{URu}}_{2}{\mathrm{Si}}_{2}$ and possibly other materials with similar band structures. The model is qualitatively consistent with numerous experimental results obtained from, e.g., neutron scattering and scanning tunneling microscopy. Specifically, we find a gaplike feature in the density of states and the appearance of features at an incommensurate vector ${Q}^{*}\ensuremath{\sim}0.6\ensuremath{\pi}/{a}_{0}$. Finally, the model allows us to make various predictions which are amenable to current experiments.

publication date

  • January 1, 2011