Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Characterization of the First Nb3 Triangular Cluster Compound Bonded to Fluorine Ligands: Association of Nb3IiFi3Fa8La Units an... Academic Article uri icon


  • The synthesis and the crystal structure of the first compound containing Nb3 triangular clusters bonded to fluorine ligands are presented in this work. The structure of Nb3IF7L (NbL2) 0.25 with L= O and F, determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, is based on a Nb3IiFi3Fa8La unit and a NbL6 octahedron (tetragonal, space group I 4/m, a= 13.8638 (3) Å, c= 8.9183 (2) Å, V= 1714.14 (7) Å3, Z= 8). Two crystallographic positions (noted L5 and L6) are randomly occupied by fluorine and oxygen with two different F: O occupancies …

publication date

  • February 24, 2003