Surface induced ordering in thin film diblock copolymers: Tilted lamellar phases Academic Article uri icon


  • We investigate the effect of chemically patterned surfaces on the morphology of diblock copolymers below the order–disorder transition. Profiles for lamellar phases in contact with one surface, or confined between two surfaces are obtained in the weak segregation limit using a Ginzburg–Landau expansion of the free energy, and treating it with mean-field theory. The periodically patterned surface induces a tilt of the lamellae in order to match the surface periodicity. The lamellae relax from the constrained periodicity close to the surface to the bulk periodicity far from it. The phases we investigate are a generalization to the mixed (perpendicular and parallel to the surface) lamellar phases occurring when the two surfaces are homogeneous. A special case when the surface pattern has a period equal to the bulk lamellar period showing “T-junction” morphology is examined. Our analytic calculation agrees with previous computer simulations and self-consistent field theories.

publication date

  • January 1, 2001