Quality of end-of-life care for cancer patients: does home hospice care matter? Academic Article uri icon


  • Since metastasized cancer patients receive many treatments and services, it is important to ascertain whether home hospice (HH) care makes a meaningful contribution to end-of-life quality for terminal patients. This study examines whether people who had died from metastasized cancer-both recipients of HH care and nonrecipients-were cared for according to palliative indicators and whether HH care made a difference. Three to 6 months after the deaths of 193 metastatic cancer patients, members of their families were interviewed face-to- face. Information on their loved ones' utilization of healthcare services in the last 2 months of life was retrieved from computerized administrative files. The patients' average age was 69.5 years (SD= 13.9), 56% were men, and 21% received HH care. More patients with HH care than without received opiate medication (92% vs 68%, respectively; P<. 01), appropriate …

publication date

  • January 1, 2014