Chemical composition and light scattering of the atmospheric aerosol at a remote site in the Negev desert, Israel. Academic Article uri icon


  • METHODSSince early 1995 long-term chemical, physical, and radiative aerosol measurements are being conducted at Sede Boker (30° 51 N, 34° 47 E, 470 m asl), Israel. For the chemical measurements, 2-or 3-day collections are performed on a continuous basis with a Gent PM10 stacked filter unit (SFU) sampler, which separates the particles into a coarse (2-10 μm equivalent aerodynamic diameter (EAD)) and a fine (< 2 μm EAD) size fraction (Maenhaut et al., 1994). The SFU samples are analyzed for the particulate mass (PM), black carbon, major ionic species, and over 40 elements. The total and back scattering coefficients at 450, 550, and 700 nm (40 nm band pass) for the in-situ aerosols are determined with an integrating nephelometer (TSI 3563) and total vertical column optical and physical aerosol characteristics are obtained with an automatic tracking combined …

publication date

  • January 1, 1997