Band gap narrowing and radiative efficiency of silicon doped GaN Academic Article uri icon


  • Radiative efficiency, band gap narrowing, and band filling are studied in Si-doped GaN films as a function of carrier concentration (n), using room and low temperature cathodoluminescence (CL). Using the Kane model, a band gap narrowing ΔEg of −(3.6±0.6)×10−8 and −(2.6±0.6)×10−8n1/3 eVn1/3 is obtained for epitaxially strained and relaxed material, respectively. Band-edge CL time response and absolute external photon yield are measured. The internal radiation efficiency is deduced. Its monotonic increase as n increases is explained by the increase in the spontaneous radiative rate with a radiative free carrier band-to-band recombination coefficient B=(1.2±0.3)×10−11 cm3 s−1.

publication date

  • January 1, 2008