Random telegraph noise spectra in granular high-Tc films Academic Article uri icon


  • Random telegraph noise voltages developing across current biased granular high-T c films interact with the system of Abrikosov vortices pinned inside the grains through random Lorentz forces caused by the flow of random currents in the film. Viscous relaxation of vortices opposes random forces and leads to the attenuation of the low frequency part of the observed spectra of the voltage noise. The theoretical model has been created and discussed. The predictions of the model have been verified experimentally by observations of a peak in the random noise spectra recorded for granular YBaCuO thin film strips immersed in a weak magnetic field and biased with a dc current flow above the critical current. It has been found that the peak position and its changes with charging random telegraph switching rate are in a good agreement with the theoretical predictions.

publication date

  • January 1, 1994