Real-time hand gesture interface for browsing medical images Academic Article uri icon


  • A gesture interface is developed for users, such as doctors/surgeons, to browse medical images in a sterile medical environment. A vision-based gesture capture system interprets user's gestures in real-time to ma-nipulate objects in an image visualization environment. A color distribution model of the gamut of colors of the users hand or glove is built at the start of each session resulting in an independent system. The gesture system relies on real-time robust tracking of the user's hand based on a color-motion fusion model, in which the relative weight applied to the motion and color cues are adaptively determined according to the state of the system. Dynamic navigation gestures are translated to commands based on their relative positions on the screen. A state machine switches between other gestures such as zoom and rotate, as well as a sleep state. Performance evaluation included gesture recognition accuracy, task learning, and rotation accuracy. Fast task learning rates were found with convergence after ten trials. A beta test of a system prototype was conducted during a live brain biopsy operation, where neurosurgeons were able to browse through MRI images of the patient's brain using the sterile hand gesture interface. The surgeons indicated the system was easy to use and fast with high overall satisfaction.

publication date

  • January 1, 2008