Maximum-performance photovoltaic concentration with unfolded aplanatic optics Conference Paper uri icon


  • Some current high-concentration photovoltaic designs are based on folded mirror optics, ie, the optical path is reversed via reflection in order to achieve minimal aspect ratio. One apparently overlooked class of aplanats is the unfolded dualmirror aplanat explored in this presentation. The confluence of practical constraints presented by many highconcentration photovoltaic systems creates a niche for unfolded aplanatic optics that permit the elimination of optical bonds between dielectric elements and solar cells while achieving an angular tolerance near the fundamental limit. The long-term material integrity of the optical bonds- especially at high irradiance-remains to be established and has been viewed as potentially precarious. Furthermore, the unfolded optic and the target can be decoupled. The disadvantage of unfolded optics is depth: concentrator aspect ratios far larger than the …

publication date

  • September 9, 2008