Effects of inositol on lithium-induced EEG abnormalities Academic Article uri icon


  • A single electroconvulsive shock (ECS) produced analgesia (expressed as prolongation of hot-plate latency) in Wistar rats 45 min after the shock. The analgesic action was prevented by administration of nifedipine, 5 mg/kg ip, 15 min before the ECS, while nifedipine injection after ECS did not affect the analgesia significantly. Chronic administration of ECS (once daily for 8 days) produced hyperalgesia, augmented locomotor responses to low doses of apomorphine and upregulation of cortical (but not hippocampal) voltage-depending calcium channels (assessed from [3H] nitrendipine binding). In rats receiving ECS chronically, always 15 min after nifedipine injection, neither behavioral hyperresponsiveness nor calcium channel upregulation was observed. The results suggest that the primary event in post-ECS analgesia depends on calcium influx into neurons through voltage-dependent …

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  • January 1, 1994