Contractive determinantal representations of stable polynomials on a matrix polyball Academic Article uri icon


  • We show that a polynomial p with no zeros on the closure of a matrix unit polyball, a.k.a. a cartesian product of Cartan domains of type I, and such that \(p(0)=1\), admits a strictly contractive determinantal representation, i.e., \(p=\det (I-KZ_n)\), where \(n=(n_1,\ldots ,n_k)\) is a k-tuple of nonnegative integers, \(Z_n=\bigoplus _{r=1}^k(Z^{(r)}\otimes I_{n_r})\), \(Z^{(r)}=[z^{(r)}_{ij}]\) are complex matrices, p is a polynomial in the matrix entries \(z^{(r)}_{ij}\), and K is a strictly contractive matrix. This result is obtained via a noncommutative lifting and a theorem on the singularities of minimal noncommutative structured system realizations.

publication date

  • January 1, 2016