Crystalline β-sheet monolayers: a new class of ordered molecular templates Academic Article uri icon


  • The design and assembly of ordered molecular nanostructures with predictable topologies and functions have become one of the key aims in chemistry and materials sciences. In the search for advanced materials we try to exploit the intriguing architectures of peptides and proteins. We have designed a new class of peptides that form two-dimensional crystalline β- sheet monolayers at interfaces, generating a planar scaffold with regularly spaced functional groups amenable for surface patterning. Grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction measurements on monolayer films of the undecapeptide, Pro-Glu-(Phe-Glu) 4-Pro, on water (pH= 5.3) provide clear evidence for assembly of the peptide into crystalline β-sheet monolayers. The GIXD pattern (Fig. 1a) exhibits four distinct Bragg peaks at qxy= 0.166, 0.332, 1.007 and 1.329 Å-1 that can be indexed in accordance with the structural model depicted …

publication date

  • January 1, 2000