Deligne Categories and the Limit of Categories $\operatorname{\mathbf{Rep}}\!\boldsymbol{(GL(m|n))}$ Academic Article uri icon


  • For each integer $t$ a tensor category $V_t$ is constructed, such that exact tensor functors $V_t \longrightarrow C$ classify dualizable $t$-dimensional objects in $C$ not annihilated by any Schur functor. This means that $V_t$ is the "abelian envelope" of the Deligne category $Rep(GL_t)$. Any tensor functor $Rep(GL_t)\longrightarrow C$ is proved to factor either through $V_t$ or through one of the classical categories $Rep(GL(m|n))$ with $m-n=t$. The universal property of $V_t$ implies that it is equivalent to the categories $Rep_{Rep(t_1)\otimes Rep(t_2)}(GL(X),\epsilon)$, ($t=t_1+t_2$, $t_1$ not integer) suggested by Deligne as candidates for the role of abelian envelope.

publication date

  • January 1, 2018